Initial Coin Offering

ExchangeCoin is a Proof-of-Work type coin, and that is why most of the coins will be available to mine soon. Our development team spends hours on the discussion of how many EXCC there should be in total and how many of them should be pre-mined. There were many aspects to take into consideration, such as a strong connection to CryptoXchanger, market volatility, and our customer's expectations. Finally, we can announce that there will be 32 million EXCC in total. Here you can see how we plan to distribute them:

For ICO 6,000,000
Bonuses 2,000,000
Mining 24,000,000

ICO coin distribution

ExchangeCoin sale will launch on November 13th, 2017. The ICO is divided into six rounds that will be done at five-day intervals. The wholesale will take 30 days. If any of the batches are not sold out entirely at the end of the designated frame, the remaining unsold EXCC will be added to the next batch. The initial price for 1 EXCC is 0.00016 BTC. If not all the EXCC coins are sold by the end of the last batch, CryptoXchanger reserves the right to decide what to do with the unsold amount.

Exchange Coin price

for Initial Coin Offering

Only for 30 days!

0-1 mln: 0.00016 BTC

1-2 mln: 0.00017 BTC

2-3 mln: 0.00018 BTC

3-4 mln: 0.00019 BTC

4-5 mln: 0.00020 BTC

5-6 mln: 0.00021 BTC