Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange

Most popular cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized and can be easily takedown. They also require registration and verification. What is more - you have to deposit your funds to their accounts in order to trading. ExchangeCoin was created to change it all.


  • What is EXCC

    ExchangeCoin is a coin announced to raise funds and create the blockchain based exchange. For more information see the ICO page.

  • How many EXCC are there for sale

    We allocate 6 mln EXCC coins for ICO and 2 mln coins for bonuses to CryptoXchange investors. The remaining coins will be available to mine. See Whitepaper for more information.

  • How can I earn on EXCC

    There are many possibilities on how to earn on EXCC. First of all, an ICO price is really low and once we add EXCC to an exchange, its price should multiple many times. Anybody who tracks the market saw it many times. Another possibility is to accumulate EXCC and earn from dividends once our blockchain exchange is working.

  • When I will receive my EXCC

    EXCC purchased during ICO are stored on CryptoXchanger wallets. You will be able to transfer your coins over once we release the Windows, OSX and Linux wallets, or when we appear on the exchanges.

  • How to buy EXCC?

    To buy EXCC in Crowdsale you must register to In the dashboard, you will see how many EXCC are there available for sale and what is the actual price. Click ExchangeCoin tab on the left-hand side menu and enter desired EXCC amount you would like to buy. You can pay using funds from your balance, from external resources, or both. Once you place an order, transfer your BTC to the displayed address. When we receive your money, EXCC will be automatically added to your account and you will get the notification on your email address also.